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Backlinks for your SEO campaign

After a lot of work your website is finally online, now you would like to see a lot of people visiting your blog, web page or eCommerce. But there are millions of other websites out there that are also trying to get those visitors. To achieve that, you need to get on the first result pages of search engines for some keywords that are related to your business. To get better ranking in those search engines you need to work on your SEO (Search engine optimization). You could find a SEO agency and ask it to do that for you. The agency will be very happy to help you, but it will cost you (then)thousands of dollars.  A cheaper way to achieve this is to do it yourself and build a quality backlink campaign. Paid directory advertising or free directory submission can be a good way to start your backlink SEO campaign.

Click on the ‘Submit site’ button, choose a package (free or paid) and add your website to the best matching category. Then put your keywords in the title field to get a backlink with these keywords as anchor text. An anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink, for better SEO it should be relevant to the content of the page you are linking to. The description of your page is also very important, it should be a unique text, do not copy and paste the same description over and over again everywhere on the web, that would only penalize you for SEO duplicate content. Try to take your time to write something  nice, unique and consistent, related to the page you are linking to, that way you will get a quality backlink. When you have submitted your listing your job is done. You can now find the next quality directory and start a new submission process, with the same keywords and another unique description…


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Why deep linking?

At the beginning of  your SEO campaign you first focus on your homepage and try to get a lot of quality links pointing to it. When that is achieved you start thinking about getting more traffic to other sections of your website, pages with other contents and other keywords related to that content. That is where deep linking is good for, you choose your related keywords and link to the internal pages of your website, the same way you usually do for your homepage. For example Belgianmart, a Belgian beer retailer, wants to get a better ranking for one of his Westvleteren Trappist beers and submit the anchor text Westvleteren 12 that links to its ‘Westvleteren 12 beer’ page. That way BelgianMart will get a higher ranking in search engine results for the keywords ‘Westvleteren 12’… Atozpia directory is offering you the possibility to link to 4 different internal pages, 4 deep links to your website, helping you to rank higher on the search engine result pages.